As an approved Regional Center under the USCIS EB-5 Immigration Investor Program, we are committed to strengthening and protecting the program’s integrity through proper oversight, transparent processes and careful compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our commitment to program integrity is essential to maintaining the confidence of all stakeholders and to ensuring that the program continues to help attract and bring capital and job creation to our geographic area and industries.

Strategic intent

  • To be fully cognizant of, and to ensure effective compliance and continued eligibility with, all current and anticipated issues of federal, state and local legalities.
  • To protect the reputations and outward perceptions of the NVEB-5 Regional Center’s Founders (Hop and Mae Adams Foundation and the Northern Nevada Development Authority).
  • To create a transparent program focused on the security and comfort of our immigrant investors as an organizational first priority.
  • To strategically fund projects in Northern Nevada that will provide employment and careers for residents while adding measurable and positive business stimulation to local economics.