Are you looking for additional capital to fund your project?

Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center (NVEB-5) could be your answer!

NVEB-5 offers companies and project developer’s access to supplemental capital, which can be added to their project’s capital stack, through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

NVEB-5 is a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approved EB-5 Program Regional Center located in Carson City, Nevada. NVEB-5 administrates USCIS compliance responsibilities and co-ordinates all communication between USCIS, the participating project and foreign investors. Simply, NVEB-5 is principally focused on growth of existing businesses and new business ventures through foreign capital investment. The benefits to qualifying projects are numerous such as supplemental project capital and flexible terms and loan structures.

Some of the project types that could benefit from EB-5 Program participation through NVEB-5 include:
• Shovel ready real estate developments or manufacturing projects
• Developers seeking: early capital contribution, construction, mezzanine financing
• Employee intensive enterprises
• Enterprises requiring capital to ramp up job creation
• Advantages for projects in rural and high unemployment areas (TEA)*
• Projects partner with NVEB-5 to improve economic impact (i.e. new job creation to improve local economy)
• Projects partner with local government for community impact (i.e. capital stack for convention center, stadium, community center, senior center)
• Local or State government partners with NVEB-5 for community impact (i.e. infrastructure development such as roads and bridges)

Industries successfully participating in the EB-5 Program are robustly varied. While no one segment has a clear advantage, there are a few industries with a tendency to excel in the program. Some of these industries are:
– Assisted Living Facilities
– Mining
– Private Education Facilities
– Medical Wellness Centers
– Retail/Mixed Use Projects
– Agriculture/Food Products Manufacturing
– Housing Development
– Infrastructure Development

If you are a company or project developer seeking additional capital, contact NVEB-5 to discuss an exceptional opportunity to grow your business or launch a new venture that creates US jobs.

Call: 1.885.498.6360

*TEA: Geographic area with a population greater than 20,000 with an unemployment rate of 150% of the national unemployment rate.

The 4th Annual California EB-5 Conference

The 4th Annual California EB-5 Conference in Los Angeles was held August 2nd thru 3rd, 2015 with some 500 in attendance. Hosted by EB5 Investors Magazine, the event gathered EB-5 stakeholders and attorneys for educational and networking opportunities. With the sunset of the EB-5 Program in September, attention was focused on the continued efforts of the House to reach a legislative solution to sustain and reform the EB-5 Program.

Keynote speaker, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6) emphasized his support for the program and provided updates to the proposed legislation. As House Judiciary Chairman, Congressman Goodlatte has legislative oversight of the EB-5 Program; the Congressman shared his account of the proceedings progress with attendees. Goodlatte stressed the need to reauthorize and reform the EB-5 program which contributes to the US economy through vital economic stimulus and job creation.

Lynn Beteag, Administrator of the Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center (NVEB-5) attended the conference to better understand the proposed reform. Changes within the EB-5 Program will be both beneficial and limiting for the future operations of all regional centers including NVEB-5, located in Carson City.

Beteag stated, “The EB-5 Investor Conference attracts the very best from the EB-5 industry. It is a great opportunity to discuss the latest market issues and trends as well as network with esteemed colleagues and other business professionals.”

Additionally, guest speaker former Governor of Pennsylvania, Edward G. Rendell gave a special address voicing his support of the EB-5 Program. A longtime advocate, Rendell was an especially ardent supporter of the use of the EB-5 program for the financing of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Rendell has stressed that the EB-5 program is currently underutilized by individual states to assist in obtaining additional capital to finance infrastructure. Ms. Beteag commented, “The former Governor’s comments are particularly fitting for the growing Silver State. The NVEB-5 Regional Center could attract capital needed to grow and refurbish Nevada’s roads, bridges and highways.”