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The Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center (NVEB-5) is a unique blend of a non-profit and an approved U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) organization utilizing industry proven processes and procedures.

In efforts to ensure that the NVEB-5 provides projects and investors with the highest level professionalism, integrity and ethics, the program is a participating member of
Invest In the USA (IIUSA ®), a national based not-for-profit industry trade association for the EB-5 Regional Center Program. The IIUSA promotes policies that focus on advocacy, industry development and education for the EB-5 program and its members.

All members of the IIUSA must adhere to the organizations approved Best Practices, Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Understanding the importance of these requirements, The Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center works diligently to uphold all of the predicated prudent and ethical practices developed by the IIUSA. Through this strict adherence, the Nevada State EB-5 NVEB-5 works to simultaneously protect individual personal capital investment, economic benefits of capital formation, local job creation and provide the opportunity of legal entry and, ultimately, US citizenship for the foreign investor.

To read the IIUSA ® Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct in its entirety, please visit: IIUSA ®

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Growing Northern Nevada

KRVN MyNews4.com

The Economic Forum held last week in Reno drew more coverage on KRVN News 4. The forum focused on growing the economy through capital investment. See the highlight reel below:

CARSON CITY, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — In its ongoing campaign to educate area real estate agents and community members on the changing economic environment in Northern Nevada, the Reno Tahoe International Council (RTIC) will be holding an Economic Forum on February 12.


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Economic Forum–Local Investments Turn More International

The Economic Forum held February 12, 2015 provided area real estate agents and community members with information about the future of international participation in our local economy. See full story from News 2 and video clip below.

They say you can already see how it’s paying off at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Tony Lyerly of the Reno Tahoe International Council told us, “There’s a lot of companies there that are global, and we’re hoping we can attract more people to come in.” And he’s sure northern Nevada has the goods to attract global investment. As he out it, “Basically right now, is our tax structure. You know that is very business friendly.”

And that’s why an event was held at the Atlantis today (Thursday) for the first time in Reno…participants see a lot of economic possibilities (money) from across the seas from investors bringing their money here. More from other countries would give another jolt to our economy. As the group’s director Jeni Temen told us, “It is important, so we started Reno-Tahoe International Council about a year and a half ago.”

Jeni knows…she spent her life in Europe before making her way to the U.S. almost 30 years ago. She knows others, bringing in outside money, can make a huge difference here. She started this organization to do just that: “I’d like to see more international people and their money here all the time, of course.”

For the foreign investor, there’s already a huge draw to do that. It’s called the EB-5 program. It awards a visa to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in the U.S. The program’s local administrator Lynn Beteag told us, “For the foreign investor, they can obtain their green card. But the real benefit to our region is creating jobs.”

Beteag says it’s already paying off. She says expect to see more Chinese nationals and their money in the U.S. “There’s 10,000 visas that are allotted each year by the government, and China takes up about 8,000 of them a year.”


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Reno Tahoe International Council – Economic Forum

Lynn Beteag, Administrator for the Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center, will be speaking at the upcoming Reno Tahoe International Council’s Economic Forum. The event will be held on February 12th, 2015 at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada. The forum will highlight area economic development, the impact of business on Northern Nevada and the local housing industry, and growing business through foreign capital investment.

Also, scheduled to present are:

Governor’s Office on Economic Development
Northern Nevada Development Authority
Nevada Housing Division
University of Nevada, Reno
Builders Association of Western Nevada
Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center
Global Cultural Navigators
The Reno Tahoe Airport Authority
Comstock Mining
City of Reno City of Sparks
Builders Association of Northern Nevada

To read the full press release dated February 5th, 2015, click here.